The Beauty Files: share the beauty (week 9)

I'm back again for another week of Share the Beauty with Lauren and Leonora.  If you are new here or haven't had a chance to catch up you can view all my past posts here, in the mean time today we are dabbling on the subject of Makeup-Brushes.

Whether you are a seasoned makeup artist, someone who just spruces their look up for a weekend of fun or even a beginner at this whole Make-Up thing- learning the brushes will help you in achieving some amazing results when applying all sorts of cosmetics.  I'm going to be honest and let you know I actually only use a about a few tools (eye shadow, powder & kabuki brushes, my lash curler & my fingers!). However I found a great little guide from Woman's Day to get you started and here is another one from{beauty} if you want to learn even more!

Below I'm going to show you a quick name guide to get you familiar with some of the brushes out there, so that you know what they do and when you are out and see a good deal you can grab one! (click on photo to make larger if you have trouble reading it)


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We thought you guys would like to know ahead of time what prompts you can contribute to! Here is the list of future Share the Beauty Party Topics! We will be going in this order:

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