shop party!

This morning my shop JustLovelyThings hit a little milestone online... 2500 sales! I'm so thankful everyday to get to do what I love with both the shops, this blog... just life.  This little feat doesn't count any retail locations, custom orders, giveaway items or market place purchases.. just online.  As a little thank you I have made a limited number of coupons (when  they are gone - they are gone!) for the shop and everything is ready made to ship!  Use coupon code 'bogo' and enjoy a free item with your purchase! Friends, thank you for all of your support! Lots of x's & o's


  1. Tempting heather.... very tempting.

  2. Congrats on such a wonderful milestone! I haven't even officially launched my shop today and I have the same love and admiration for everyone who has supported me.

  3. Congratulations you have such a cute store. I always love hand made things so much, your nails are nice too. I am really into ombre right now..


  4. Anonymous06 May, 2012

    I am loving all the tips! The blush before you gloss is my fav!