The Beauty Files: share the beauty (week six)

Good Morning, I hope you had a great weekend!  I'm staying insanely busy over here preparing for my road trip I start on Wednesday to head over to Snap! & The Queen Bee Market.  Excitement my friends.

Well as usual each Monday for the past few weeks I've been Sharing the Beauty with Lauren and Leonora.  Its a fun post each of us do where we share our favorite beauty products with you.  At the end of the posts we give you a chance to link up a similar post.  Not only does it bring you new traffic, but you get to share some products with us that maybe we can try sometime too!  To catch up on my previous posts run over here real fast!

If you have been following my posts or just got caught up then you will remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned that my skin has been my biggest enemy.  Over time I have tried many products and sometimes I add in new items or just stick to what I know.  I'm not going to share with you my routine, but instead just list a couple of my most favorite products.

A product I love that has been gaining popularity recently is B.B Cream. (bb= blemish balm).  Recently Smashbox and Garnier have put out their own versions of this amazing product that has been all the rage in Asia for quite a while.  There are different types of B.B Creams all with the same function and added benefits, the one I loved (out of 3 I have tried) is by Skin79.  Most B.B Creams act as a skincare and makeup in one, they provide a flawless finish and if you would like to still wear foundation/concealer over they can act as a primer.

For foundation I have fallen in love with some amazing & more expensive brands in the past only to break out more or break the bank for something I have found very similar when using Revlon ColorStay.  With a great offering of shade and choices for dry/normal or oily skin this foundation has been my favorite for years now.  I use the oil-free formula which also has an SPF6 (which is great because I don't use any additional spf's).  The first ingredient in this product is water: it goes on smooth, yet absorbs so you don't get that cakey look.  There is also a bit of mica for a nice sheen, not shine!  If I need a bit of concealer I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Cover Stick by Maybelline. I know of so many people that use this concealer too, its seriously the greatest!
I use a pressed powder to really provide coverage, but to finish it all off I sweep a bit of the Coty Airspun over everything before I apply blush.. its also great to apply around your jawline to blend any lines you might get (don't you hate when you see girls with lines, sad!!!)  Airspun has been around for ages, and used to come in this cute little vintage style cardboard container.. they recently switched to the hard plastic loose power storage.. but the recipe for the powder is still the same!  You can find these easily at RiteAid and Walgreens. 

There you have it friends, just a couple of my FAVORITE foundation products!


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  1. i've been collecting samples of bb cream from a few different places, but i hadn't heard of Skin79 before reading this post. i really want to try it out! thanks for posting!

  2. My sister just started using Revlon ColorStay & Airspun powder! She usually uses expensive stuff from Sephora but has been budgeting. She suggested it to me and now you've vouched for it as well. I may give them both a whirl when I finish up the stuff I'm using now. :) I love hearing from other people what they've tried and what works for them.

  3. I actually just bought the Garnier version of the BB cream! I've used it a couple times and I really like it. I used my Neutragena mineral foundation over it and I really liked the results!

  4. Just came across your blog and <3 it!! We're happily now following from Richmond, VA. :) My other blogging half, Jayme, loves the Garnier BB cream. I've yet to try any of them yet. I'm interested in this Skin79 version now though. Thanks!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings