a new space..

Well you know we moved.. and are still moving.. yuck.  One of the biggest reasons was because of my studio, I'm gonna break it down for you and let you know that it was affecting every part of my life.  We had an adorable little home that I loved very much, so much in fact we were in the process of buying it from our landlords.  When I started working full time on this here blog & my accessories business my studio ended up kicking the office/guest room out and taking over that space.

It was my space.  Organized, cheerful, inspiring & clean.  Sadly no matter how hard I tried, it didn't stay that way for long once I opened up Fawn & Flora.  So now the full time blog & two shops had to fit in here, thankfully I co-own that shop with Dana and she keeps 1/2 the stuff with her in Canada!

I get bored easily so taking my work out of the studio and into my living room was no big deal for me and kept me from getting too bored by myself in there, but let's be honest.. I actually took it into other places of my home. So my dining room was where I took photos, my living room was where I would create if I wanted to watch tv or hang with the mister.  I would prep, paint and clean FF stuff outside on the back porch or in my basement and my studio was left for storage, printing labels, packaging orders, creating new things and whatever else I had going on in there at any given time.

Like I said it affected every part of my life because this was now spread out all over our house.  Brandon knew that if he wanted quality time with me it would mean that he would also be spending quality time with my laptop, fabric, needles (which he stepped on plenty of times), paper and crafts.. We ate at the coffee table 90% of the time because I had a mini photo studio set up on the dining room table and it would be no surprise to find a shopping bag or two full of supplies and outgoing mail piles hanging out by the door!

This wasn't healthy for our marriage, my business, my sanity (& let's face it his) or our home.  I was getting to a point of having to figure out what to do with my studio because in all reality,  it was out of control.  Well all of a sudden the move happened, like out of no where. It has been the best thing that could have fallen into our laps for us and my business.  I now have a studio that has nothing to do with the things it was affecting so much before.  Sure it is attached to the top floor across from our bedroom, but it also has its own entrance and little patio/deck outside and feels a world away from my couch, my dining room table, my life, our marriage.. I feel like I go to work when I come in here and I couldn't be happier, when the mister is off he never sees my work.. I'm all his.. and when I'm not in here I have a life again!  I know that this change is going to work wonders for my business and everything around it.

There is one dilemma though, I don't have the slightest idea how to decorate it!  The photo above does it no justice, (but gives you a small idea of what I'm working with) this is the corner by the outside upstairs entrance. Forgive the mess, this was the first day of moving stuff in and we have since organized a ton!  Anyways, I need your help-  So tomorrow I'm going to share with you the decor ideas I love and let you decide how I should decorate.. I hope you take part & give me your thoughts! I started a studio inspiration pinterest board a while ago and as you can tell I like everything under the moon, so this is why I need your input.  Come back tomorrow and place your votes in the poll I post! xo


  1. Lucky, lucky! I can't wait to see all of your ideas - what fun to have a whole new (& HUGE) space to create in!

  2. wow this is so awesome. i felt like you were ME talking about my workspace. it is currently the basement, the master bedroom, and the dining room. and we have two young children. the basement feels secluded, and i can be messy, but there's no tv or technology down there. i get bored and lonely. so i'm always on the couch working. i have got to figure something out, because what i'm doing now just isn't working.

  3. Beautiful space. I think you should send the picture to HGTV and have color splash or Genevieve help you out.
    If you don't want to go that route, have it be colorful inspiring and comfortable oh, and very organized. Best wishes. Please follow up with a after picture.

  4. Love your new blog look -- and good luck on the move!!! :)

  5. jealous. It's own entrance!? too cool.

  6. I can not WAIT to see more!!!!!!!

  7. So so cool =) Can't wait to see how it's going to turn out

    and you made me consider how challenging it must be to work from home sometimes. It's almost like you can never really "get away" from work. Oh life and the internet...

  8. My creative heart is about to explode. FRIEND! That porch is freakin' fantastic! You can sip your favorite drink out there in the summer time and just dream and plan! YEOW! And then what a lovely set of doors on the inside! Awwwww!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!! New spaces are so inspiring and you're challenging me to see how I can change my studio space {without moving, of course!} so that I too can feel what you're feeling. You're amazing friend. SEE YOU IN A MONTH!!!!!!!!! ♥

  9. I think that is such an amazing space to get to work in! Can't wait to see your decorating ideas!

  10. Ooohhhh! The main reason I love moving is so I have a new space to decorate! This is exciting! (It always makes you feel so rejuvenated working in a brand spankin' new space, doesn't it? I feel like I'm always changing my work space because I constantly getting bored!)

    Looking forward to seeing the transition.

  11. Your new place sounds fantastic! It's own entrance + patio sounds perfect to me!
    Good luck in your new place, girly :)
    xo Heather

  12. So exciting!!!!!!!!!! I love the deck right outside your studio!! I LOVE to work outside when I can! How perfect for planning, brainstorming etc in the fresh outdoors!

    I have the same problem with working at home...my business takes over every part of our house in some way too!

    Can't wait to see your options...though I already vote for a work table in the center of the room like this one http://pinterest.com/pin/184647653442182195/ LOVE THAT!

  13. Your new space is fantastic! I love the patio where you can step outside or open the door and let the fresh air in while you work. I just got a new building for my new studio and I am having the same problem with the decorating issue. I am looking forward to seeing the ideas you come up with. I'm a new follower.

  14. I'm so happy for you! There is nothing better than a wide open space to spread out :) Knowing you, this place will look incredible, once you are finished decorating... YAY!
    Tracy- Creme de la Gems