just a little shop update..

I decided to put the shop on a small break for a few weeks! I have a ton of new inventory I really wanted to list, but with last weeks big 30% off sale (thank you for your orders!) and all of the amazingly unexpected attention & purchases made with the other shop Fawn & Flora you can see that our shipping department is staying pretty busy!

Not to mention I'm about to move the shop to Storenvy (basically they are etsy & big cartel combined!) and do a complete studio remodel which I'm debuting on Jessica's blog later in the month.  Oh wait there is more =) as most of you know (because I like to pimp it out as much as I can) the Snap! Conference happening in April, which I will be attending, also is hosting The Queen Bee Market and I have a booth there.  Sooooooo you can see that between orders, projects, new inventory and keeping up with this blog (not to mention any sort of personal life I hope to have, which I wont).. I will be just a tad busy.  I hate closing my shop, but I know that if I don't then I can't give it my all. 

This year is all about happiness and following through so I hope you understand, thanks for your support! xo


  1. Oh man I knew I should have ordered a big felt bow the other day when I was browsing your shop! Good luck with all these exciting changes : )

  2. Everyone needs a break at one point or another, and you are definitely one busy lady!!
    xo Heather

  3. Good luck with the transition(s)!