The Beauty Files

As I prepared to write this post I'm actually sitting in pajamas (coffee near by of course!) with deep conditioner on my hair and a sulfur mask on my face that is getting tighter by the minute.  Why? Not because some magazine told me so, or the fact that I was feeling a little frumpy dump today.  I do it because it's ME time.  I love it.  I seriously look like a hot mess right now and that's ok because I feel like I'm doing something for myself.  I'm taking care of my hair, trying to manage my skin, enjoying this amazing hazelnut vanilla home brewed coffee and telling you all about it here (read: blogging makes me happy!!!).

Last month the focus was all about business and one thing that resonated throughout the posts was loving what you do, which I believe can help you love who you are. I was doing a little research with my handy dandy friend Google and decided to type in the word beauty then hit the images tab.  I wasn't actually sure what to expect so I just sat there and processed the images of make up, tans, an ad for botox and oddly enough those little kids that do beauty pageants.  Like I said I didn't know what to expect, but it wasn't really what I was looking for.

This is where The Beauty Files will come into play!  I have asked some friends (old & new) to join me here as often as possible to participate in this new series.  Just like last month I'm picking one subject to focus on (with bits about my life and what nots still included of course), and will plan on turning this in to a regular feature here when the month is over.

The topics are obviously vast as beauty really does mean something different to everyone.  What I want to cover here is simple: Helping you be your most beautiful inside & out!  If that means sharing health tips & tricks, makeup tutorials, fashion adventures or just stories... whatever it may be I just want it to be beautiful.

I'm also taking part in a fun beauty link up with Lauren & Leonora which obviously meshes well with this whole 'beauty month' over here and I would love love love for you to be a part of it too! Read more about it here on Yellow Heart Art where Leonora gives you the run down and join me here on March 12th when the links open up to share your posts!

In the meantime, I would love to invite you to do 2 more things. 

Each week this month there will be a post called Dear Beauty if you have a question about any beauty related stuff that you have been dying to know like 'how to find the best jeans for your body?', 'what are some great body cleansing juice recipes?', 'how in the world does a curling wand work?' .. really anything, just leave a comment in any of the posts or email me and I will ask the experts and get back to you!

And.... if you feel that you would make a great contributor to this series (( you.. yeah you!)) then what are you waiting for? Are you scared...? Don't be! We are all here together and this series is going to be great, who knows maybe doing a guest post or sharing something you love that makes you feel beautiful will be just what you need! 

I'm really excited for what this beautiful month will bring and I hope you stick around to enjoy it with me!

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  1. Wow, what you came up with when you searched beauty is pretty much depressing. I'm so glad you are doing this! It's going to make for a wonderful & postive month:)

  2. This is an AMAZING idea! I am definitely looking forward to it, and wishing that I had some good input haha. I know that it will personally help me! I need some major beauty tips ;)

    It is sad what your Google search left you with.. Haha

  3. Thrilled. That is how I am feeling with this. I am an Esthetician but go a bit against the Pro grain because I prefer a more simple and affordable approach. So when you said "you.. yeah you" I heard it! Looking forward to contributing. My post that goes live on Monday screams for this project.

  4. LOVE this idea! I'm super interested in contributing to this series if you'd let me!