The Beauty Files: share the beauty (week three)

Have you been catching up with our Share the Beauty posts? Not only can you review, share and link up your own posts to your favorite beauty products, but the true product love reviews from Lauren, Leonora and myself will probably help you in searching for your new beauty buys!  This week we are talking about hair products, what are some of your favorites to use when styling your hair? 

I truly believe that how your hair turns out from day to day is a combination of what you wash/condition it with and what products you put on to style.  Now my shower is full of different brands ranging in price and fragrance, and in all honesty however I feel that morning is how I choose which one to use!  When I get out of the shower I usually mist a light leave-in condition like It's a 10 or Miracle Treat along with some sort of serum for my ends.  Then I usually part my bangs to the side with a bobby pin, put all my hair up and do my makeup.  Not only does this let my hair air dry a bit, but I hate doing my makeup after I'm all hot from blow drying!

When I'm about to style I like to shoot a little bit of a protector on my strands, one of my favorite products is the Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist by Alterna.  You can use this on wet or dry hair (I also occasionally use after all styling is done for a bit of shine) and it just cuts back the frizz and amps up the protection from the heat styling.

On days when I want more volume and know I will be blow drying I LOVE using Small Talk by Bedhead.  I have thin hair and this makes my hair feel fuller with out feeling full of product.  I use just a tiny dab and put it into my roots before shooting them with the dryer.  I also love to mix a little bit of this in with some serum when I wear my hair naturally curly, it seems to define and hold them just a bit better.

I actually don't like hairspray that much and have been on a search for what seems like forever to find the perfect spray for me.  Since I was a stylist I was able to find and try a bevy of products, but that didn't mean that they were right for my hair type.  I absolutely adore the Tresemme Tres Two ultra fine mist spray, it is light weight but provides just enough of a styling agent to finish off my look.  I never feel like I have hairspray in my hair as its touchable, brushable and movable.  Nine times out of ten its the go-to spray for me and with a price tag of around $3 you can't beat that.

If I'm looking for a substantial hold, but not quite an Aqua Net look then I reach for S-Factor Vivacious by TIGI (the makers of Beadhead), sure its a bit pricier.. but I also don't use it all the time.  Its perfect for days when I want my style to stay put and look pretty.  The one thing I love about both of these sprays is that they smell amazing, you never get that hairspray alcohol aftermath!

This is just another favorite product of mine that I wanted to mention, its totally a drug store brand (I have no shame!) and I just adore it.  Garnier Fructis Nutrient Spray is made up of super good oils for your hair.  On days when I need a refresher and my hair just feels dry or limp, even on beachy wavy hair days or seriously just right before bed I love just spritzing my locks with this.  It smells great, makes my hair feel clean and healthy and provides a bit of health (with the oils) while styling. I also love using this after I curl all my hair, it seems to just calm everything down and make my hair feel happy.


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  1. someone else recommended that small talk by bed head. i totally want to try this! i'm always up for new hair products!

  2. Hi Heather! I found your last week via another blog I follow and thought this sounded fun. I'm a fairly new blogger - I hope that's ok. Thanks for hosting this. :)