The Beauty Files: day to night

Hi there readers! I'm Nat from Take the Cannoli

When Heather first contacted me about doing the beauty files I was like, Ummm, yes please! Sign me up" Then I was like wait. What in the world will this stay at home mama of two have to offer anyone about beauty tips. I mean let's be real. I'm totally in five day worn skinny jeans and a tank most days and only slapping on make-up in the car while running out for errands. With that being said, I still love make-up, fashion and everything girly! I then realized a problem I have with my make-up is changing my "day" look to a "night"look. They are practically the same. And there are those occasional Date Nights or having coffee with the girls that I would love to kick things up a notch. You know what I'm sayin'. 

I stopped by the MAC counter at my local Nordstrom and had my girl give me the easiest, quickest change up for a mama on the go. LIPSTICK. That is what she told me. Though I'm normally a gloss only wearer, after trying on these new spring shades was quickly converted and have worn each almost every day and night since. 

DAY LOOKS #1 & #2

Day Tip: wanting to keep it light and fresh looking she said I only needed lipstick and gloss and to avoid lip liner because sometimes it can be too heavy for an easy day look.


Night Tip: not only line but fill in the lip with the Lip Liner. Softly apply and this helps define and hold color of lipstick longer (I know all of you lipstick wearers are like "DUH" but this is all new to me so I'm sharing)

And there you have it. Day to night! In just a few steps! Easy peasy, one, two, threesy!
... and join me here next week as I share with you my top 6 Spring Scents! 


  1. Love the lipstick colors you chose!!


  2. Cute! I need to get me some pretty lip colours ASAP!
    xo Heather

  3. Love Natalie and this super quick and easy tip!! Lipstick is the one thing missing from my make up collection. Can't wait to hit up the make up counter for some new colors!

  4. more than anything i love the fun pictures! :)