a year in photos, granted its only february..

Photo Challenges seem to be all the rage right now, a couple of years ago I did a 365 project (posting a photo everyday on my old blog) well it was hard and I believe I barely made it to day 175.  It's funny because I still take photos everyday, its just finding the time to post them.. The photo challenges are definitely that, a challenge.  To do something off a set list that you didn't make, to try to find that thing off the list, to share with others and in all reality to stick with it for an entire month!  I've shied away from the fatmumslim ones floating around which are totally great, but I was really excited to have found another one via a few instagram friends of mine called #febphotoskill by instafame which is more of a photographers challenge.

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Since I will always consider myself a photographer, even though I stopped doing it professionally last year, this challenge totally seemed up my alley and I can't wait to do them all.  I was rummaging through my photo album in my phone and realized so far I'm loving this year, and its so weird that its already February.  I don't want to lose sight on what I have been up to and where each day leads me, but I'm not sure if I can dedicate myself to my previous series I had going on here called -my week in photos- (i get bored easily & can't stand deadlines) so instead I think since I post almost daily on instagram that I will do random photo dumps here from my phone when the time seems right.  Of course some actual photos from my camera will still make an appearance often on the blog, but via my cell this is my year so far.

personal journal time - fabric shopping as always - coffee breaks - & documenting it all

antique shops - new hairstyles- lunch dates w/ my nana to acquire old family jewelry - my kitty secretary

waking up to this cute fellow - my first magazine feature - more branding/packaging - daily orders =)

always waking up looking like this - and scenes from a day staying in around mi casa

smile time: my boys - 2 coffee runs in an hr - leaving conditioner in hair on accident - best captcha ever

surprise gift from mom (love that blog, how did she know?!) - making pretties - planning my month


  1. I really like this idea. I started off doing the Jan photo-a-day challenge but soon got bored of it. I thought about doing a 'my week in photos' post, but then that means I have to do a regular post - what if I haven't taken any decent photos during a set week?! But just doing a random post every now and then, showing what has happened in your life is more interesting! Love your photos - especially the puppy dog!

  2. looks like so much fun. you must be so busy! :)

    xoxo, Jjanga

  3. Just finished my january in review too!


  4. This "Home Sweet Home" print is adorable! Where did you find it?

  5. i love your hair up like that! you have such a great face. xo

  6. I really need to talk Hubs into getting me an iphone. I am in love with this instagram stuff! (I dont even have a smart phone.. im pushing my luck here) Also, I feel like the alchy of the group, I hope that someone else saw Two Buck Chuck, and thought of Trader Joe's wine!!! (which i cant wait to get in Medford!!)

  7. *fallon.. exactly why it was the best captcha ever =)

    *joanna (emailing you this in case you dont see my comment) i found it via scenic glory shop, which i think she has since closed. i have seen it elsewhere i will try to locate and send you info!

  8. So much fun seeing the daily photos!

    This is my first year attempting a photo-a-day project. I'm doing the Fat Mum Slim list and loving it! I really like the one you're doing as well - but I figure I'd better ease into this so I can keep up! ;)

  9. Oohh ... antique family jewelry. That is great. My other favorite is the fabric shopping picture, because its seriously such a fun thing to do.

    I'm your newest follower! :)