Love Your Business: Guest Post #3

All month long join me here as I welcome amazing contributors with one thing in common
we love our business {blog/shop/etc} and we want you to love yours too!
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Hi just lovely readers! I'm so honored to be over at Heather's little corner of the Internet. I'm Erika of the blog Rouge & Whimsy and shop Rouge & Whimsy and I'm here to talk about blogging and your business.

Ten years ago, blogging was emo-entries in a live journal. Today, everyone and nearly every business and corporation has a blog.

What was the switch? Why blog for your business?

What these companies realized, and others know as well, is that blogging is a great way to build a following and create a brand.

Before you start a blog for your business, consider a few things:

>> Who is your audience? Who are your customers? (Ultimately they should be the same.) What do they like, what kind of blog would they like to read?

>> What will you offer on your blog? While some blogs can write about nearly anything, most popular blogs have only a few topics that they focus on. Quality over quantity.

>> How personal will you be? Some blogs can get away with being very personal but you'll need to decide if that's what you would like to have. While most people like to see a face behind a shop -- there can also be problems if you share too much. Find your balance.

Once you have figured out the scope of your blog, you need to figure out how often you'll going to blog about your business. You'll want to talk about your shop -- provide behind the scenes and coupon codes, but doing it daily could wear out your customers.

While there's no perfect balance for a business blogger between personal and business, coupon codes and giveaways, you'll want to find the combination that feels good to you. Your blog, like your brand, is an extension of yourself and should be something you feel proud of.

Other blogging tips I've learned:

>> use big photos!

>> lots of white space-- the eye doesn't want to have to jump around too much

>> if you write a lot-- break it up with lots of paragraphs, photos, bullets, etc. Sometimes shorter is sweeter in blogging (again this isn't true for everyone-- just what I've found successful.)

>> be yourself. If you're not funny, don't crack jokes. If
you don't like self-portraits, you don't need to post what you've worn.
Readers want you to be you.

>> give back. Comment, share, and link out. Blogging--even for your business-- is a community.

And has others have mentioned, success and a strong, organic blog following doesn't come over night-- like developing your shop and brand-- it takes time.

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  1. Another fantastic post. I am looooving these. No matter how long you are in this game, you can always, always learn something new or be reminded of something you have forgotten.

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    Thanks for taking the time to share your words of wisdom with us. Reading these just makes everything click, like an 'of course!' eureka-type of moment.

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