Love Your Business: Guest Post #10

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Hey, Just Lovely Peeps! My name is Moriah and I blog over at Moriah Makes, a lifestyle blog about the things I love most: family, faith, and creative inspiration. I also make and sell pretty things in my Etsy Shop, Moriah Makes (same name, woah!). Pretty Girl Heather asked me to come and share my thoughts on how to truly love what you do, so that's what I am here to share with you today. I've been blogging and running an online boutique since March of 2010, so I'm no expert. But, I have learned to truly love what I do. Before I begin, let me get this out of the way:

If you don't love what you do, then STOP DOING IT. Plain and simple. Life is short and I like to believe that God has given us desires and passions to pursue what we love. If you are currently working in an environment that leaves you empty, stressed, bored, unfulfilled, or borderline depressed, then I suggest you figure out a way to get the heck out of there.

Okay, so moving right along. If you're still reading, then I assume you love your business, know that you are doing what you were meant to do, but are looking for ways to stay motivated when you begin to feel burnt out or at a loss to stay creative or inspired. Here are my tips for truly loving (and continuing to love) what you do:

Remind yourself daily of why you started running a business. It was because you wanted an outlet for all of the creative ideas you had locked inside your brain, right? Creative ideas that you felt needed to be shared with others, many who love handmade, what you create and find you and your business to be awesome sauce, right? Right!


Make goals for what you hope your business to become in the future. Whether your goals are big or small, write them down and keep them close! Make sure to keep that list in a spot that you can see every single day, like on your mirror or cork board. Not in your tampon drawer, Silly Goose...

Reflect on things that you may dislike about your business and figure out how to modify those things for the better. If you don't like something about what or how you're creating, other people probably notice.

Keep yourself motivated by taking breaks, sharing your business aspirations with people who love you, rewarding yourself for milestones, and utilizing Pinterest (everyone's daily addiction), magazines, music, nature, books, art, or your child's peanut butter and jelly sandwich for inspiration. 

Prioritize your time well. You shouldn't be working your butt off 24/7, leaving yourself drained and unable to enjoy the rest of your life with friends and family. Your business isn't worth more than you. Be sure to create a balance and also make sure not to get your face stuck in your computer all day.  Your Twitter friends assume you're being a productive business owner, so try your best to be one.

Create a space where you can feel creative. If you're trying to make headbands in your coat closet with dim lighting and minimum elbow room for your mad glue gun skills, you should probably figure out a better work environment. I try to surround myself with natural light, lots of space for all of my tools, and easy access to supplies. I try my best to stay organized, frequently de-clutter, and remove anything that is unnecessary for my craft time.


All of these simple tasks have helped me succeed in my blog/handmade shop venture and continue to love what I do as a business owner. As soon as I start to feel discouraged, I perform one of these tasks to keep me going. 

Thanks for having me share my thoughts on Just Lovely Things, Heather!

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  1. Great words Moriah! I do get stuck in the rut sometimes! I love what I do with my business and trying to make something of it.While keeping my day job and balancing my family. It's a fine juggling act :) But prioritizing and stepping away is key for a healthy and successful you.

  2. Thanks for the tips - I love the creative space!

  3. Moriah is so beautiful! And great words of wisdom!

  4. This is great! Love your post Moriah!