lazy sunday project: links & winners

For some reason when I say the title of this post to myself I keep wanting to say "links & wieners" {giggles}, I'm actually really out of it today.  Practically every night this week I didn't get to bed any earlier then 2am. I hate it.  The night before last it was more about 3:30am and I'm not a night person by any means, but I just can't seem to relax my mind enough to rest.  Well my husband has been sick all week and I decided I would take some Nyquil with him around 8pm, ummmm let's just say this girl got the best 13 hours of sleep she could have ever asked for!  I'm so grateful that it is lazy sunday because I have officially caught up on sleep, but I can still be lazy around the house while finishing some orders, doing light chores and returning emails all while in my pajamas workout clothes (heavenly!)  Todays lazy post is called THINGS.  Basically things I'm loving/watching/sharing/doing, plus I'm announcing the winners of the group giveaway.  To view other lazy sunday project posts go here.

Things that you should read
Carmen from Cheeky Cheeky is a FUNNY lady. Everytime I visit I leave smiling.
I'm making it a goal to be her BFF stat!

If you haven't had time to read the book The Happiness Project
just visit their blog its full of great advice to keep you motivated, inspired and happy.

Miss Moss... full of simple and pretty pictures.. enough for me to be a fan forever.

 Things that you should watch

Start your day with optimism via wake up lovely

An adorably delightful song via with lavender & lace <-- another new favorite blog!

CUPPOW! from Paper Fortress on Vimeo. (i need this asap!)

Things that you should check out
5 Things feature that Savannah from Maie Dae has been sharing with some amazing contributors
These adorable self-portraits put a new spin on outfit posts via The Pink Samurai
I need to make this triangle notebook now thanks to Pie n' The Sky
I'm drooling with anticipation to make these cookies from Michaela Rae
I can't stop looking at all the pretty pictures that Studio Meez posts in their blog
I love this February cheerful desktop background from Tabitha Emma
This completely sweet interview project of a 3yr old by The Hollie Rogue
and providing many lol's is this how to eat photo from pleated jeans

Things that I'm currently doing (besides this post)
-putting the final touches on a my sad winter garden picture post for tomorrow
-listening to White Rabbits on repeat, the video for heavy metal is so artistically nuts!!
-gladly not participating in Super Bowl Sunday, although I will watch commercials online later
-trying to figure out what Passion Fruit for bloggers is going to be about...?
-checking out some of the links up on the 14days of love giveaway which you should enter
and searching for ways to make brussel sprouts... I'm scared I've never had them, but I grabbed some at the store last night and I'm going to force Mr.Smith to try them with me!

....and some winners of the group giveaway

3 birds boutique - Jordan Fischer
vintage loving momma - Nora Spaulding
me and my new life - Aimee
elizabeth alta jewelry - Chelsea
dianapantz - Christine
originally me - Sarah
a place in this world - Southernbelle83
the posh daisy - Oakly Seal
good natured by dani - Amanda Joy
gigi's petals - Salena

I will contact all of you no later then tomorrow to get you in touch with the shops!

Hope you can check out all I shared and enjoy them just as much as I did.


  1. Brussel sprouts - slice them in fourths and toss them in a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roast them for about 35 minutes. When they are done, top them with a balsamic vinegar reduction (1/4 cup bals vinegar and 1 tablespoon brown sugar....simmer it together for about 5 minutes until the sugar melts).

    Por the balsamic vinegar over the brussel sprouts and then top with fresh parmesan cheese. SO GOOD!! I hated brussel sprouts until I tried them this way :).

    1. and this is why you are the cookbook contributor on here! =)

    2. Agreed! Roasted brussel sprouts is the way to go. I just do the olive oil & salt and actually enjoy them. I may have to try the balsamic & brown sugar idea too!

  2. i have a few great sprouts recipes on my vegan pin board [i am too lazy to link them all here ;)]
    but i promise they are good!

  3. I can't wait to see pictures of your winter garden.

  4. I love The Happiness Project. So great. Those videos were awesome also. Thanks for sharing. xo, rv

  5. Wohoo! I won. So excited. :)

  6. wow, so humbled to be on this amazing list of lovelies! thanks so much, friend :)

  7. Sounds like you're one busy lady today! I love some of these blogs! Miss Moss is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  8. Wonderful list of links! I am the opposite, I'm a night girl through & through- work screws with me because my natural sleeping habit is to get tired around 4am- when I'm on holidays I slip right into it & feel like myself again! I find I lose myself in my baking & crafting through the night more easily too!

    1. i used to be a night owl (and am when my husband works out of town), but when my husband is home and working he has to wake up at 430am so i try to wake up with him!

  9. Wohooo!! Thank you for picking me! :)

  10. <3 thanks for the shoutout. :)