Hang with me next month?

March Sponsorship's are now open, if you would like to see the most up to date information please visit my advertise page here.  Also if you have advertised here previously you qualify for a 15% discount off future ads.  I would like to let you know of just a couple changes I'm making in advertising here.

First up I will be stopping Group Giveaways starting next month.  After much consideration I've realized how much time it takes to get a giveaway post put together, how much you have to rely on everyone to make a deadline to get their info to you and really how much more it costs the advertisers in the end.  I know that its great traffic, but I want you to consider if it's loyal traffic..?  I see huge increases in my stats and follower numbers around the time of a giveaway just to see the numbers decline and the unlikes come rolling in.  So I would imagine its the same for the person giving the actual item away.

I would rather create a place where I can share you a little more for people who really have an interest in your products or what you have to say rather then just getting something for free.  I want to have more time to show you off in a way that fits what I'm trying to achieve over here.  You will now have options to participate in group questionnaire posts, being featured in treasuries I make, be selected for 'what i'm loving' features.. and more!

In the end it will help you a little with business costs since you now have one less item you are giving away and one less thing you have to ship.  Giveaways will only be an option for Large Sponsors, Companies that offer me products to review and want to include a giveaway, special giveaways and I might end up doing seasonal giveaways (large groups about 3-4 times per year).
Another new change is the Sponsor Deals page that I'm adding to the blog.  If you are sponsoring and have a shop or blog and you would like to offer my readers a % off a purchase or an ad space then you will now be featured on that page for the length of your sponsorship!  Y'll know how I love to save me some money (craft coupon page on the blog?! heck yes), so offering more savings to my readers is another way you can share sells and be featured in another spot besides just the sidebar.

This month was all about business and next month its all about beauty!  I will be sharing some fun beauty tips, amazing giveaways & product reviews that I can't wait to show you! If you love beauty & fashion and would like to contribute to this months theme please shoot me an email and I will see what the schedule looks like!

If you are interested in sponsoring your blog or shop on Just Lovely Things please email me asap
blog@justlove.ly so we can chat details! If you get ahold of me today/tomorrow and you are a new sponsor I will throw in a 15% discount just as a -thank you for reading this whole post you deserve a prize- deal!



  1. I have been struggling with this post as well (announcing no more group giveaways). I wasn't sure what the best way to handle/explain it would be and you did it perfectly! xo JA

  2. So true about the giveaways. I am so glad you considered it! I am a small {small} business...just starting out...with 164 fan likes on Facebook during a giveaway that dropped by four and I even lost one blog follower milestone of 30 down to 29...it's definitely an ego crusher.

    But I really really look forward to a new month and new opportunities!!! Best of luck to you as well!! :)

  3. I totally agree about the giveaway thing. I actually have a post scheduled to post soon about making more sales in your online shop, and giveaways is one of the things I mention(doing less of them or having a limit on them). Im glad I am not alone in this kind of thinking. :)

  4. i love all the new changes. even the one about giveaways. i always wondered if your comments/readers tripled just for the giveaway and then declined because they weren't getting anything free. good for you!

    again, i've really enjoyed this love your business series and im looking forward to the beauty one (such a suh-eet idea to do series).

  5. I totally agree with the whole group giveaway thing....I have been thinking of rearranging my sponsorship info too, for those same reasons! I love the ideas you have!! (might have to steal a few...LOL)


  6. You crack me up.....I'd love to sponsor again, need to check the funds though.

  7. Aw, Love Your Business is coming to an end? Feb flew by way too fast - I love those post. Thanks a ton for doing those the past few weeks; I think they were great inspiration and motivation to lots of people.