Group Sponsor Feature

I'd love to take the time to introduce you to the sponsors that hung out here for the month of February.  It was a really busy month with the Love Your Business series and I got my highest numbers over here.. hoorah! <--yeah that just happened. It has not only encouraged me and motivated me to keep up with new ideas and come up with ways to not only share the things I love (including bits about my personal life), but to help more handmade & small business owners and bloggers.

For those of you that follow via some sort of blog reader, mobile viewing or email updates you can sometimes miss the fact that there are some amazing sponsors that hang out with me here all month.  Tomorrow I will be introducing you to a bunch of new friends when their buttons go up, but tonight I want to share with you & thank the sponsors that were here this month.  I hope you take the time to visit their blogs & shops if you don't know them already!  

jessicaNdesigns                         blue eyed owl                         the shine project

yellow heart art                                    wonder forest

alexandra rose                                    dianapantz

good natured by dani                                    maddynbella jewelry

vintage loving momma                                    lee la la

gussy sews                                    little doe eyed girl

elizabeth alta                                    manzanita

tutu land                                    donda lee's

christa jae                                    acute designs

bait footwear                                    me and my new life

3 little birds boutique                                    i rock so what

casey leigh                                    honey pot pet

imprintalish                                    hidden cupcakes

mommy you soap it                                    bellina originals

ruby jean                                    chippy chip dovey


  1. Your sponsors are awesome! I love all of the new blogs. xo, rv

  2. So many awesome sponsors! I'm off to check out a few now :)
    xo Heather