lazy sunday project: video blog

pajamas..? check.
2 glasses of wine at 4pm..? check.
webcam broke? check.
(so so so sorry for the blurry video!)

Welcome to The Lazy Sunday Project.. where I just wing it and post something unplanned on a Sunday.
It's week 3.. you can see my other projects here.

Today I'm video bloggin' it up, total dork style and that's okay with me!

The shop will be updated later tonight & tomorrow.. plus I will share a discount code on Facebook/Twitter.. and the group giveaway is post poned to tomorrow as I had some late entries & wanted to help my sponsors out by giving them a little extra time!

xoxo happy weekend


  1. You speak! It is always great to hear a blogger's voice after reading their words for so long =). I am excited for next month - you have an awesome line up!

  2. um i talk a lot and i say it fast =) i'm excited you will be a part of it!

  3. this video is so cute, you're a natural on camera! and i absolutely LOVE your blog:):):) i am so excited about your "love your business month". i just think it is such a generous and genuine idea! as a beginner blogger with lots of business goals, i am super excited to keep up with the posts:)
    smile on!

  4. Ha, you're awesome! I LOVED getting to see and hear from YOU! Do this more often girl! =)

  5. I wish I could Vlog! I'm terrible at talking into a camera, say to many ummms haha.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  6. i love youuuu!
    you are such a good speaker for reals. and YAY so excited about our top secret venture haha
    xo dana

  7. You're so cute!! I have a crush on those giant bows and your tattoos too.

  8. I am loving those bows!! And this is so awesome, I LOVE when I get to really "See" a blogger and hear their voice. Im always surprised that they never sound like I imagine. haha You are so cute!

  9. yay! It's so good to hear someone's voice after you've been reading their blog for so long! I'm am SO excited about love your business month.... sounds like you have a fabulous line up of contributors and I know that I'm going to learn a ton! ohh and I'm counting down the launch of your new shop :) I'm sure it's going to be amazing!!