ask yourself: how was your year?

While saying Hello! to 2012 we must not forget how we got here from 2011 and what we acheived (or maybe didn't).  I love starting fresh, but a New Year doesn't mean a new life.  For myself I like to set goals every month (mainly because year long goals can be a huge commitment & I fear letting myself down), I love setting small goals to achieve a bigger picture and in the end looking back to see all that I've accomplished.

I was inspired by this post from Julie at Olivine's Charm School and I actually snagged it for personal use to write a few things down, but I decided to share it with you.  I love that while looking forward to the New Year she also acknowledge what she did in the previous year to 'set herself up for success' in the future!

So I asked myself these questions...(via her post).. all pertaining to my business decisions this year.

1.  What accomplishments am I proud of from 2011? One of the biggest accomplishments was that I decided to start my blog & shop, fall in love with it all and dare myself to take it full time!
2. What brave chances did I take? I sold my Hair Salon & Photo Studio & quit doing hair/photography fulltime.. it was such a scary decision to make but in my heart it felt so right.
3. When did I impress myself? When I started saying 'NO' to others and 'YES' to myself
4. What challenges did I overcome? Learning everything by myself and feeling alone in this, to gaining the support of my friends & family while networking and meeting people with the same interests!
5. Which relationships did I strengthen? The one with my mom by turning my 'work' time into a time where we can bond and hang out more often, the one with my husband when I knew I had his full support in all the decisions I made this year and the one with myself by believing I could really do whatever I try to go after.
6. What did I create? simply put.. a new place for happiness in my life both personally & professionally 
7. How did I nurture my relationship with my body? I took lots of days off for myself to do what I wanted to do, even if I was still creating and blogging I was doing something for me.  Oh and lots of chocolate didn't hurt =)
8. What setbacks did I greet with grace and courage? Learning to say no and making a few enemies in the small town I live in because I 'couldn't fit them in for hair appts or take their pictures'.. it made me realize how petty and selfish others could be.  I realized those people will never truly be happy, and in the end that's not my problem!
9. What were some fun ways I pampered myself? I nested a lot and did tons of fun house projects, I went for walks & coffee dates, I did a few road trips and really after I first decided to go part-time with hair/photos thats when I really started enjoying 'me time' and made the decision to quit it all.. that was the best pampering I could have asked for.
10. What promises did I keep with myself and others? Well I have to stick with my decisions no matter how scary they may be and I have to promise to give it my all so that i can look back and be fully satisfied with the results.. promising that to myself first was most important, that way my family can just back me and trust my decisions!

So with looking back on 2011 I can appreciate where it will take me into 2012, how about you?


  1. Wow- this is another one of those lists I wish I had seen a few weeks ago to prepare for my own blog! I think I'll have to bookmark it to use next year! GREAT questions and fun memories to see how you got to today.

    I set 12 goals for myself and framed them in my office. That way I won't forget about them. I also picked one word to focus on this year and framed a cute word art picture of it. 2012 is going to be a fabulous year!

  2. I think goal setting is SO important! Just like you said...every month! LOVE your blog and cant wait to see what 2012 brings :)

  3. I think this is wonderful. It is such an inspiration to see someone go after their goals and dreams and take such a risk... I cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store for you!!

    Fairdale Diaries

  4. Love your post heather! Glad you "went for it " this past year, you are inspiring!

  5. Thank you for being an inspiration to me in 2011...You are nothing shy of awesome and I am so glad I have had the chance to work with you over the past year :) I wish you nothing but the best in 2012! Love!

  6. It is so hard to say no, but it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I agree that some people can be quite petty and selfish when you say no to them -- that's something I've tried hard to change in myself. Enjoy the new year and all the excitement I'm sure it will bring :)

  7. What a beautiful post and idea. I need to do this too. :)

  8. i know right? some people are so selfish i dont even know what their life's purpose is...

    thanks for sharing and i wish you a happy new year!