wish list: accessories pt.1

Its that time when we start oohhing and aahhing over goodies that we want and sometimes we might not get everything on our list, but wishing is almost just as fun!  Join me each day this week as I share some of things I've been swooning over lately and where you can find them if you love em too!

-sidesaddle tights $26 by shopcuffs *update: sold out
-chevron ring $165 by tomtom jewelry 
-suede ballet flats $11.50 by themorganclothing
-hydrangeas tote bag $35 by marineparents
-bookshelf necklace $25 by coryographies

Since accessories are totally this girls best friend, I can't stop at just one post on this subject!  
Join me for part two tomorrow plus lots of other finds all week long.


  1. Oh my gosh, that bookshelf necklace is so great. :)

    How fun, thanks for sharing your wish list!

  2. That tote bag is gorgeous!


  3. Those tights and flats are AWESOME :) !!!