my week {in photos} ... kinda

I know I haven't posted this for a couple of weeks, but you have to believe me when I say life has been crazy around these parts!  Most of you know my husband got on his new work schedule and was in Australia for a month, which I used that time to prepare for Black Friday and a Holiday Market.  Then as he prepared to come back my mom & I frantically ran around this place to make it pretty, festive & fresh for his arrival!  I did the market last weekend and between that, fulfilling orders, holiday to-do's and trying to just be a good wife-daughter-friend-person.. well to say the least I'm almost running on empty here!  

I was going to upload my shop with inventory this week and we had a huge problem getting the photos to import from my camera, thank goodness we got it figured out lastnight.. so thanks for your patience!  I will stock the store today through the weekend!

Well since this post is about photos I'm just going to show you some awesome snapshots from Tuesday when I woke up and EVERYTHING was frozen!  I hope you link up what you have been up to and come back next week when I get back on schedule with -my week in photos- 

These photos make cool backgrounds on computers, if you like one just click on the photo to make it larger & save it to your computer or phone then set as a background!

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  1. That is crazy ice. We haven't even had snow yet! Linked up, even though it wasn't a week of photos either! :)

  2. Brrr! I'm cold even just looking at it! :-) Hope you are bundled up and keeping warm!

  3. pretty photos!!
    i have a friend staying in OR right now and he said it doesn't snow there... is that true? things freeze but it doesn't snow? lol... unless he's just a dummy.

    i want to link up but have no cool photos :(
    xo dana

  4. I'm so sad i live in Florida, i wish it was cold here. Beautiful pics/

  5. dana i emailed you, but in case anyone else was curious it does snow in oregon but we are surrounded by mountains and most of the cities/towns are in valleys so snow on the 'valley floor' doesn't happen all the time but it does snow here =)

  6. o wow def LOVING these images! gr8 job

  7. New follower and linker! ;o)

    Wow... love all the ice you have!! We have been stuck with temps in the mid 70s this week. Not feeling like Christmas at all.