my week {in photos}

Join me here each week as I share what I did via photographs
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Had a girls night with my mom. A little dinner & a little shopping.
Obviously only the shopping caught my attention!

My birthday... which you can read about here
& making a long list of orders I had that weekend to get done and shipped this week!

I decided that since Mr.Smith won't be home til December I would move a tiny corner
of my studio out into the livingroom & take over the house.. 
I was procrastinating & while I was out my mom came over and surpised me with moving it all for me!
I get to sit next to the fireplace & watch tv while creating.. hello!? amazing!
{thanks mom!!!}

The leaves in our huge tree over our house decided to throw a party on our front lawn..
I think our neighbors were embarrassed so I took care of business 
(but not all by myself I had some help!)
Afterwards it looked like someone vacuumed our lawn,
bad news.. it's been windy the last few days and the leaves are back!

{love the little address sign on our front porch via Yellow Heart Art}

I went over to the studio & did a mini photo session for my friend Melissa
(she is the one that just bought the salon from me, & is making it all cute & fun!)
we did a little holiday shoot for her family.. here are just a few things from around the studio
..including my favorite boots that I sport often!

Got a new stamp for our packaging!
Can't wait to show this bad boy off.. 

oh and I found this delishness... oh my gaw..
I'd like to point out I've only had 2 bites! I'm being good, but its hard.

I didn't take any photos... I was in all day yesterday not feeling to good
so I kept it mellow, processed orders and just got through the day!

Saturday {today}
I so needed out of the house so my mom came over & we hit up one of our favorite local restaurants, 
the farmers market & a little antique shop.. thank goodness for getting out today!
Isn't my mom so adorable? She is shamelessly plugging a JustLove.lyThings Braidband!

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  1. LOVE all of these photos! :D They're so pretty. And love the new stamp! Looks like you had such a great weekend. :)

  2. what a purely delightful post! thank you for sharing and putting a little peace and calm into my morning! happy belated birthday! : ) hugs and mom is PRECIOUS!!!!

  3. Love the photos of your week! The restaurant sign about the beer license cracked me up! Hope you had a good week! Mine's been crazy! :)

  4. Such a great week - I love the new stamp....I might just have to get myself one!

  5. i love all the fall leaves!

  6. Love everything, looks like the perfect day! By the way, you must tell me where I can find those pumps and boots... My feet were wondering;)

  7. I LOVEEEEEEEEE those shoes in the top picture! Those are so pretty! Your blog is adorable!!

    In our sea of love

  8. I see you have your new shirts on. well they look awesome! Do you change the colors in you'r pics? I love them, but mine are always so bright! I need help editing my pictures.