get your shoppin' on!

Most of you gearing up for Black Friday deals already have seen the store ads, 
are prepping your little bodies to get up bright & early and are dreaming of the goods you will find.
Some of you are tech savvy and have chosen to stay home and wait for those cyber monday deals, 
but do most of you know that handmade shops offer rad discounts most of the weekend?

I've made up a BlackFriday-CyberMonday sponsor shop highlight guide.
(click on the image below to be taken to the wonderful discount dream come true!)

I'm giving you early access to my sponsor shops, their discount codes and direct links for 
carefree shopping all while supporting handmade quality goods.

If you're brave enough to venture out and by any chance are heading to the craft supply stores
(michaels, jo-ann, hobbylobby.. etc.)
then click on the photo below to be taken to a jackpot of coupons to save you big time!

I will give you a few helpful hints when using these coupons,
 especially at Jo-Ann Crafts

-jo-ann excepts competitor prices & coupons
if you find a price better elsewhere, show them!
(sometimes i take cell phone pics at different stores or bring in ads)

-if you are shopping for fabric, grab a number first then shop in the fabric section
 so that you dont have to wait so long in line afterwards!

-hand them all your percentage coupons first 
(paper & cellphone images <-- yep they take em from your phone)
starting with the highest percentage off one item then so on an so forth

-they accept competitor micheals coupons so make sure you have those handy too, 
and honestly if they say they wont accept them, or more of their own coupons
(example: two 40% off coupons with different upc codes)
 i would stop my order and call customer service 1-888-739-4120,
(yes i have done this, i have no shame)
but with people waiting in line 9 times out of 10 they will just take your coupons
.. p.s i've only had to do this once, but really if they advertise
 they take competitor coupons then turning you away is wrong!!

-after all individual item percent coupons are given, 
then hand them your big % off entire purchase coupon
if you hand them coupons in the wrong order it can mess them up having 
to re-ring entire purchase!

-book mark my coupon page on your phone, it gets updated weekly and if you forget to print the coupons directly from my page at least you know you have them handy to show the cashier.

Hope this helps your holiday shopping, have fun 
& Happy Turkey Day!!


  1. thanks for all the helpful hints! i hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!!!! sending hugs to you and yours and of course that precious fourlegged cutie!!! hope he got tons of treats! : )

  2. Hello Thank You so much for these great tips on coupons!I learned a lot about shopping discount and more.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I didn't know that you could use all those coupons at Joann's, or that you could use all those coupons at the same time! Very useful when you're on a budget :)

  4. good tips! i am over from the fest and am a new follower. your blog and shop are both beautiful. wow. they are both so warm and inviting. :-)

  5. This is genius! I'm laughing so hard picturing their reaction to you calling customer service. :)

  6. This is genius! I'm laughing so hard picturing their reaction to you calling customer service. :)

  7. Thanks so much for the advice! Your blog is GORGEOUS!