pinterest pleasure: goodbye october

The days go fast, and this month has gone faster.
October is almost over, and I'm already going to miss it.
I think it just hasn't really felt like other Octobers' in the past, so fall seems to be breezing on by.

To me October always ushers in some of my favorite things for fall.

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-slouchy hats-
-fallen leaves-
-crock pot recipes-
-hot drinks on cold mornings-
-leg warmers & boots-
-reading in my cozy bed-
-layers, scarves, sweaters & leggings-

I'm just glad I can take these things into November!
What are some of your favorite fall things?


  1. Ok. Love every single picture! And I so need that print for my Halloween decor! So awesome!

  2. This post is just all around adorable. I'm loving the leggings, legwarmers & boots! I need to get me a pair of legwarmers, stat!

  3. i love all of the above! but right now my favorite thing about fall is that our texas rangers are in the world series!!!!

  4. LOVE all of these things! But I cant think about fall leaving yet! haha : )

  5. I love all the pictures you post.. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Has Oregon had a beautiful fall or what?!?! Must agree with all of thee above, but I must say my favorite thing about fall is the smell. It always seems to be a mix of cool air, burnt wood, warm spices, and a hit of apple.

  7. This is probably a really stupid question...but how do you make your photos into circles!? It's soo cool!

  8. i just adore your blog and the way you see things!

  9. Coffee and leaves! and everything fall. love it!

  10. The 5th picture in your collage (the one with the dog) was the [p]inspiration for the photo I now have as my FB profile pic. I am going to post it on my blog later so I'll send you a link if you want to see.

  11. I agree about the incredibly SHORT October we've had!!! So glad I found your blog on the Linky Followers Fest! Following you now!! I really love how you displayed the photos in button format! Looks incredible.

  12. alicia crossen02 October, 2012

    love love love want want want haha