my week {in photos}

Sometimes my days just breeze on by and I even forget what day it is {horrible right?}
I do make an effort to take photos of small details of each of my days.

So I thought every friday I could share with you what I have been doing since the previous friday!
These posts will be picture heavy, but full of lots of goodies!
Inspiration, bits of my life, traveling, even staying home.. hope you enjoy!

I woke up early to meet a friend at the salon at 7am to do her hair (yes, that early!),
then headed over for some computer time and breakfast out of the house.

Ran a few quick errands for food and moustaches <--- necessities people!

Decided I should have healthier snacks... 
but instead finished off a bag of chocolate chips!

Met up with another friend to trim her hair, and give her this cool bottle of wine.
Yep, I'm one of those people that buys things for what they look like 
(aka, if its cute or bad ass I will buy it)
Made plans with Mr. Smith to see if we will have time to rent a look out tower before it gets too cold!

Finished up a ton of orders

then decided, hey if I ate that bag of chocolate chips I might as well not stop there right?!
So I slacked on dinner, convinced Mr. Smith to grab some McD's then we slowly cruised a few laps around downtown since there were some cool cars out!

I headed up north to Portland (4hr drive) so that I could shoot my last wedding of the year!

And of course my first stop was Josephines Dry Goods so I could ransack their button wall
Each cubby contains 3 trays, and each tray contains 10 different button sections.. you do the math!

Made my way to some of my favorite neighborhoods like St.Johns and Belmont,
we are hoping to move to portland next year, I can't stand where I live so the sooner the better!!!
The only thing that keeps us in our current town are my parents, Mr. Smiths job 
(which we have some news about!) and a couple of friends.. other then that please get me out of here!

Of course a Portland trip wouldnt be complete without a stop at Scrap!
Its any creatives dream, full of lots of artsy goodies and insanely cheap prices.

The next morning I headed up to St.Helens to shoot a rad wedding for Hannah & Ben,
they were adorable and their day was full of handmade details!

The entire town of St.Helens celebrates Halloween 
and they had a giant pumpkin on the lawn of the local courthouse, so cute!

I decided to start heading home after the wedding, see you later Portland.. you will be missed!

I stopped on my drive home and when I woke up it was so pretty and autumn like..
I was actually sick that day and this was the only photo I took before I got home.

My mom came over to work, but I kidnapped her and we made a date with breakfast 
and a mini thrifting trip where I scored some adorable vintage hankies and buttons!

My first attempt at holding myself accountable by photographing that I can actually get ready
, even though I work from home. I might even do a WIWW post, I did say might!
Obviously I should use my professional camera and remote or timer.. 
because the cell phone version cut off my head and my mirror was gross!
Another day spent doing some business planning and trying to find balance with my life.

Always working on orders, but took some time to finish up editing of some photos 
that I will send off to some of my clients this weekend.

..... you will have to see next week!


  1. Busy girl! That looked like fun..I never get out of the house!

  2. Ok seriously... where the heck were you when I LIVED IN PORTLAND?

    I didn't know about any of those SWEET places and I lived there for YEARS!

    Not cool.

  3. Wow! What a week! Josephines Dry Goods store looks awesome! I've never been to Portland but I can tell it's an awesome city! I hope to get there someday!

  4. LOVE all the pictures!!!! So inspiring :)

  5. The sky in these photos (especially your Saturday ones) is just amazing.
    I am really loving your blog little miss.

  6. i love your photos! and the fact that you keep a little TO DO notebook thing like i do hehe!
    Those crafty places look pretty amazing too!

  7. Looks like a fab week to me! Totally just bought that bottle of skull wine. Gonna try it tonight! Not gonna lie, I only bought it because I love the bottle!

    ♥ Kylee Noelle

  8. one: yes, move here! and maybe we'll meet someday.

    two: how have i never heard of scrap, that place looks amazing!!! can't wait to go there.

  9. Hold on! Portland?! As in Portland, OR? That's where I live!

  10. I am so jealous of Portland right now! This store SCRAP looks AWEsome!! Why don't they open cool places like this to inspire me in Ohio?

    Love your blog, btw. I've been following for awhile, but haven't left a comment, until now! Next up this week I think I will have to buy my first lovely.