giveaway winner {sew beastly}

Supporting handmade business is what we try to do when offering 
sponsorships, features, giveaway posts.. etc.
It draws new traffic, new attention and new interest in each other   
Some of my favorite blogs and shops I have found are usually when someone else is supporting them too!

So I was super excited when comment #74 won this Sew Beastly giveaway 
and I realized that it was another one of my sponsors that won!
I rarely take part in giveaways and I see them all day long, but for some reason I feel weird 
entering them as if it wouldn't be fair for me to win too.. is that weird?

Really I should enter more because it shows my support by going and liking more business pages, 
more blogs and following my accounts (although I almost follow too many haha)

Anyways supporting each other is what its all about, and when it pays off in getting a special
little shop credit in return... well thats just cool!

Amanda I will email you and get you in touch with Citalli!


  1. Hurray for handmade! :-) I have an Etsy shop too, love to support fellow chicas!

  2. Hey Heather, I have e-mailed Citlali, but haven't heard from her - what should I do?