yay! yay! giveaway!

(this giveaway is now closed)
Since I'm doing a little giveaway for Shop & Blog owners right now (see post below),
I thought I would throw in a little Yankee Doodle Dandy Giveaway for everyone else!

Ok so I seriously have no idea what Yankee Doodle Dandy is
(and I will probably google it later)
but it sounded cute!

So all you have to do to get this bad boy by 4th of July is visit {just.lovely.things} facebook,
and share the page with 5 of your friends!
(its easy go to the left side and at the bottom is a "share" button)

Once you do that, go HERE and leave a comment!

-this double lace headband is made of chiffon and fits children & adults-
-comments open til 6pm (pst) sunday june 19th-
-comments left here don't count towards the giveaway-
-winner will be announced sunday night or monday-
-only one comment per person-



  1. Hi! I shared with 5 friends and posted on my fb wall, but when I clicked "here" there was nowhere for me to leave a comment! :)

  2. I just went to your shop and saw you are from Southern Oregon and I got really nostalgic. I lived in Medford/Talent/Ashland for 3 years while I went to SOU. I miss floating the Rogue in all of that sunshine.

  3. Love your products! My shop is The Sweet Stuff. www.etsy.com/shop/ohslocrafty

  4. Wow! Two giveaways back to back. How fun. I entered the Summer Sponsor Giveaway and am waiting on edge to see who the winner is. In the mean time I'll apply to this giveaway also. Love your blog and products. Found you thanks to Gussy's post last week. So glad too!

  5. This is sooo cute!!! I wish I saw this sooner!
    Star Hughes Living