Heart Handmade {guest blogger}

Hi there guys! I'm so happy to be guest posting over here at {just.lovely.things}
So many ideas were given to me regarding what I should post about here today
 and I decided to talk a lil about me...
 and how I try to maintain/sustain my creative life and living with a debilitating illness.
 I'm not bringing everyone on a downer :p
I just wanted to share some ideas and tips to help you be creative in a productive manner!

I'm Claire! {read more about me here}

At the start of this year I signed up to Michael Nobbs 'Sustainably Creative'
and he had amazing tips and a newsletter if you feel the need.
This was solid gold for me because I suffer from a severe case of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome)
Not only am I just tired, I cant move a lot of the time.
 I get seizures, insane amounts of pain, decreased mobility,
I get confused often and forget things allll the time,
 but my blog Heart Handmade UK is the most amazing distraction
 and I honestly think that my creativity is one of the things that has kept me so positive and happy!

Even when I'm ill and bedridden for days...
I can doodle from bed, I can sew and crochet from bed if I can still move my arms...
so essentially I work.
 I try to do things Little and Often. Ive almost filled my sketchbook for this year!
 This is all down to the mantra 'little and often' seriously.
When energy is so limited and I only get around 20 good minutes in a day where I can do anything,
 I try to do something even if its just a little doodle.
I make my friends go to the florists and buy fresh flowers.
 I find even making a simple change in the home can get the creative cogs turning!

Today I'm answering a few questions Heather sent my way, enjoy!

 How do you find inspiration or what keeps you inspired?
I find inspiration in everything but I would say it's mostly in my surroundings
 and I love to surround myself with creative photography, flowers and gorgeous accessories.
 I love colour and patterns!

Can you share a few of your favorite blogs?
(click their names to go directly to their blogs)

what about a few shops?

What do you do to stay creative and out of ruts?

It happens EVERYONE! and I mean EVERYONE!
Ive seen different posts online with '10 Tips to get your creative grove back' but it wont work.
You have to ride it out... its your creative brains way of saying it needs a rest.
 I usually ride it out... as depressing as that sounds!

Usually when I read magazines I am constantly inspired but when I'm in the rut it just wont come!
 If you really want to do something... like force yourself to be creative....
find something in your home - focus on its shape maybe.. and sit at the table, no music, no tv...
 Just look at the object.... if you can list down what you see...
 the shape, the contours, the tonality in the shadows etc..
 it's a great exercise for your brain to look beyond basic shapes and soooometimes
 that can trick you back into feeling all creative because you've just attacked it from another angle.

It worked for me after my recent rut and I then signed up to some online classes!
Otherwise, I say just ride it out and don't feel pressure to perform or finish a project.
When you aren't feeling it you will just do a half assed job!
 I say footer around on the Internet, watch some comedy shows =)

I would love to have you head over to my blog and say hello!
 If you noticed the photos throughout out this post, those are some tutorials and projects I post up. 
 But really the Heart Handmade Blog is full of things I know you will love,
 I hope to see you there!

xoxo, claire


  1. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing!

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    Btw I have one question... I love your shop and I'm dreaming about collaboration ( I saw at mybestfriendjules.com that you work with some bloggers). Is it possible?


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