Shop Open {and a policy change}

Yay!  The shop is back from vacation!
I loaded up whatever I had left over from The Queen Bee Market
and any inventory I didn't take with me to the show,
 I still have a few bags/clutches and jewelry that will get listed tomorrow.

I'm going to be working on my request list for custom orders,
but as of today I'm changing my duplicate requests policy
 and only accepting 10 orders per month! 
I truly hope you understand that in order to keep my shop fully loaded,
 I have to be able to make the inventory for it! 
 If I'm working on duplicates all day every day, then my shop will always be empty
 (believe me this has happened before)

When you email me for a duplicate request or custom order you will go on the list! 
 I make priority for the top 10 each month,
and if I have time and resources to do more I will.
When you place your order you will be notified of how long the order will take,
and if you still want to place it then great!! =)

I hope you understand, thanks for all your patience and loyalty..
I've been having so much fun with {just.lovely.things}
 and can't wait to see where the rest of the year takes my business!


  1. so excited I logged on when you have a full shop !! xo

  2. You are so great!!! How do you do it all??? It took me forever tonight to just upload about 6 items to my shop before I got burned out!! Anyway, I want you to know that your booth was {lovely} on friday and I just love the two things I bought from you! I can't wait to order from you again... my birthday is coming up... so you know i will need a few things :)
    tomorrow I am going to post pictures of me wearing your headband and clip tomorrow and post it to my blog :)

    Thanks again!!!

    <3 Lacey at {Lovey Dovey}

  3. you have such a pretty shop!! i love it; just looking at it makes me excited xx

  4. They are all sooo beautiful!!I want to order but you don't ship in European Union... :-((