Queen Bee Market {recap}

When I heard of the Queen Bee Market last year, I dreamed of somehow being a part of it.
 As a vendor or shopper, either way I knew I needed to go this year.
Well when the application process opened up to be a vendor I quickly applied and waited
so nervously patiently just to hear the words "WELCOME TO THE QUEEN BEE MARKET!!"

Eep.. I needed to pinch myself!!
To see some of my favorite bloggers and shops in person?
Yeah I was overwhelmed just by the thought,
and I felt honored just to even be chatting with some of these amazing ladies
 via twitter & facebook when we all found out the vendor list.

Well the timing couldn't have been worse for me!
I had just sold my salon, just started the process to buy our home
and my shop/blog were all of a sudden super duper busy..
well 18 days before the show (um I did have a 60day notice!)
 I decided to start making the inventory for my booth. 
The day before I was going to leave for the show
 I finally figured out what my booth would even look like
 (thanks Kelle from Marigold Vintage for the help)

I know I probably drove my mom and husband insane
 with the mess and flowers galore all over my house
(studio, dining room, living room...everywhere!)

But in the end it was so worth it.
I drove over 1600 miles (by myself) and would do it again in a heart beat!
To see the hand quality goods of these shops in person.. worth it.
Meeting the faces behind some of my favorite blogs.. worth it.
People watching with new friends.. worth it.
Meeting some of my blog followers & seeing them love my shop products.. WORTH IT.

Yeah I had a few hiccups along the way,
but that's life.. and life is good!

Here is a picture heavy re-cap
Unfortunately I didn't capture every single shop.. but visit here for more photos!

I had two lovely neighbors on each side of me
 Cupcake  (who has the cutest family ever!)
and  Creme de la Gems (who let me borrow her husbands muscles haha)





They have 2 more shows this year, one in August and one in November.
Hope you can make it to another one, if you couldnt go to the spring show!


  1. There were so many talented and creative people there. I had such a great time and bought lots of goodies. I'll be going to the next one just in case I missed something!

  2. all these things are so lovely!

  3. Oh thanks Heather, I've been wondering how it went. Love seeing all the booths and the setups. So cute!!!

  4. What beautiful things! :) Looks so fun!

  5. wow, im completely speechless....gorgeous

  6. So glad to see more pictures of your booth...wish I could have been there in person! It looked amazing! :)

  7. Looks like such a great time! Gorgeous photos! I want one of everything :)

  8. I would LOVE to go just as someone who plans to BUY everything!
    But I doubt my shop will be mature enough to be there for another year. I just can't find the time to craft!

  9. Oh your blog is just LOVELY..so you have a very fitting blog name :) I am having so much fun browsing

    -I am your newest follower..Hello!

    Delighted Momma

  10. Oh gosh! I would have died. These are amazing. Of course your blog is to die for as well! Hope you swing over to mine and check it out :))


  11. so awesome! your booth looked amazing, i love everything you do :)

  12. I had such a great time at the market - SO good to be your booth neighbor! I can't say enough good things about you and your awesome products. I {heart} my headbands!


  13. Heather, how totally awesome for you! congrats on this and meeting all those rad gals. your booth is freakin' rad okay, love the way everything is laid out. each area has like it's own little story and is beyond words pretty! i wished i could have been close by to go and enjoy all the goodness myself.

    terrific shots, the whole experience must have given you insp for eons! i'm still reliving the day i found your space and saw the hairdressing connection plus the way you'd styled your headband into a bracelet on your lovely model. i've since used this tactic and have you to thank for it!

    have to also say major props for juggling everything you had going on, what a whack but you did good girl. ♥

  14. I wish I didn't live so far away so I could go and see your wonderful booth!

  15. Hoe did we NOT meet at the market? Crazy. Next time promise!! I came home with one of your cute change purses. Lucky me. ♥

  16. So fun meeting you at the show and what BEAUTIFUL pictures you took.

  17. Your booth looked so lovely!

  18. I love photo-heavy show recaps and this is one of the best!
    Do you know if you traveled the furthest to participate in the show? You should get an award for that alone!