Monday = Pretty & Pictures

Today I'm introducing you to a new weekly feature

Its pretty simple... Each Monday equals Pretty & Pictures

I will feature one shop that has gorgeous items
one photographer that has amazing photos

My Things I love Tuesday post will now be turned into strictly etsy shops i love!

I will be scheduling my weekly posts so you know to always expect one thing each day,
plus random tidbits sprinkled in here and there =)

So lets get this Monday = Pretty & Pictures started!

 Todays' Pretty

Emily Zych creates the most beautiful and whimsical hair pieces & accessories.
Just looking at them you can't help but feel like you are in a fairy tale
and that your prince is on his way to rescue you
(you must think of this while blocking out the noise of daytime television
 or the fact that you still might be in your pjs!)

Todays' Pictures

A 21yr old photographer living in Upstate NY,
Chelsea gracefully translates the things she sees into dreamy works of art.
From a dessert, to a set of lights.. ordinary things become so much more!

Although I have a huge list of the shops/photographers I love,
 I'm always looking for something new.

I will let you know that I'm featuring the best of the best
 in hand quality products with beautiful shop photos
along with unique photographers who stand out from the rest!

If you have a shop or are a photographer & want to be featured please email me


  1. love the pics! soooo romantical!!! :)(that should be a real word!)

  2. so pretty!
    I love the last photo.
    it gets me excited for summer & carnivals.


  3. So pretty! Love the new post feature! I love doing the same thing on my blog! So fun finding new "handmade goodness" ;)

  4. everything is beautiful!

  5. Oh how I wish I had an occasion to buy one of those hair pieces for. Beautiful. And the photographs?! Amazing.. and she's so young!! Fabulous stuff!

  6. Beautiful photos all around! I e-mailed you! :)

  7. oh my... i love all those pictures! so beautiful ♥

  8. LOVE the carnival picture, gorgeous!

  9. wow.. they are beautiful. love it :)

  10. wowee!! really gorgeous pictures!! I love the heart lights

  11. O I do love the heart light picture!

  12. fab new feature lades, love to the love it! and which goose rocks my wooly socks. i included the photo of her vintage flower tiara in a post recently and i adore everything in her shop. Chelsea's photography is visually stunning, the heart bokeh's take my breath away for real.

    gosh, it's all so good. thanks for sharing. xo ♥

  13. Love all the hair pretties!♥

  14. So many beautiful images, i had a whichgoose vine crown for my wedding last year, it was stunning. I still have it handing on my dresser mirror :)

    Zoe x

  15. Anonymous19 May, 2011

    that cupcake picture is fab!

    i really like this feature. i'll be coming back to visit often!