the things i see...

Some of you may know that I'm also a photographer..
I don't really it share it much here, as I also have a photography blog.. 
But I'm going to start sharing a bit more with you (if you don't mind)
 because it is a huge part of my life!
My photography company is called House of James
I get asked all the time since I opened it early last year what it means,
well my name is Heather Smith (boring right??)
 I wanted a strong name and something that could last
My Dad is James.. husband & brothers middle name both James..
our first borns' middle name will be James (boy or girl, doesn't matter)
So that's where I got it from, basically its a family name!

On to a few photos...
I did this one my other blog but didn't stick with it, so I'm starting it here
Its called
 Color Therapy
basically all photos are in relation to a specific color
this week is Shades of Green

Hope you enjoy my new series Color Therapy, Happy Friday!
(all photos copyright by House of James Photography, please give credit where it is due)


  1. Your photography is beautiful! It is awesome that you have a talent for it! I often wish I would, but I love to enjoy everyone else's skills!

  2. I need more of your photography in my life. GORGEOUS!

  3. gorgeous!! love the cow :)

  4. love these! that last photo is beautiful!

  5. I LOVE your photos! I am an aspiring photog, and am continually looking for inspiration. Yours hit the mark!

  6. I just noticed yesterday all the peach photos had touches of blue and today all the green photos have touches of orange.. i guess i just cant narrow my love for colors down to just one!

  7. that cow picture is amazing!! Do you sell any of your prints?

  8. Love them! I love looking at amazing photography. I am excited about seeing more of your work :)

  9. So beautiful! You take very good photos. I just love the perspectives of your shots.

  10. incredzzzzzz! i love how you honored the men of the fams with the name you chose. good one! each image is a total standout, you are such a sharp shooter and a complete inspiration with everything you juggle on any given day. ♥

  11. A gorgeous country tour!!