one for one

I know you have seen or at least heard about them
their cause
their generosity
their awesomeness

I photographed this couple on their wedding day (03.12.11)
and loved they they both sported them all day long!

TOMS has a simple mission
One for One
and it works.

For every pair of shoes purchased they donate a pair to a child in need.
How unbelievably cool right?

So this post isn't about a giveaway or a discount..
when you think about a kid not having something so simple to us like shoes
doesn't it make you think we all have enough, and sometimes too much?

I see other blogs doing giveaways and sure I could write to the company
and ask them to do one for my readers.. but it just doesn't seem right.

I want to feel good about my purchases,
 and this is something that can make my feet and heart super happy. 
 I just wanted to share a great mission with you.
Next time you need a pair of shoes, why not do something good with them?


  1. I my TOMS!! I have two pairs and am in need for another.
    Such a great company!

  2. How absolutely awesome that they wore those on their wedding day!! Love it! I love TOMS and their mission!

  3. I LOVE Toms! So beautiful and great charity behind it.

  4. TOMS!!!! that's what i wear at our wedding reception! in red! they were so, ho so confortable and love the thought that came with it....

  5. I have a pair of grey TOMS that I adore...I want a spring color though so soon I will buy another pair. This post was great because it is nice to give this company a shout out!!!

  6. hey girl

    I just found your blog and am in love! following now :)

    I've never tried on a pair of Toms but boy, they look COMFY!

    And this is such a great thing for the company to do...donate. It makes me want to go buy a pair RIGHT NOW!

    I did fall in love with a really cute pink glittery pair I saw in a magazine..however they were for a child..and not adult

    xoxox cant wait to read more

  7. I just bought my 1st pair a few weeks ago and have yet to wear them. I love the concept!! And I can't wait until the re-stock the kiddo sizes so I can buy them for my little folks.

  8. Love this post. I'm wearing my red TOMS to school today. I have a black glitter pair, too. My 3yo even has a pair. I love them!

  9. Thanks for posting about them. I love what they stand for. Last week I participated in their one day without shoes challenge and it made me even more aware of what a difference shoes do make. And how blessed I am!

  10. I love LOVE Toms! They are the best shoe ever! I've got a couple pairs and it's the ONLY shoe Emma will wear! I'm glad you posted this, it's a great cause and bring awareness to others as well.

  11. This was my giveaway last month but I didn't write the company I bought them for my reader because last month was my own birthday month and instead of rewarding myself; I like you wanted to spread the word about the work of TOMS.

    That said, I cannot wait to buy some for myself! It's great you are spreading the word!

  12. great cause, wonderful post. best shoes ever. i am a teacher & i live in mine. the glitter ones are super fun and my students love them to!

  13. so comfortable. i love my TOMS

  14. I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. toms.. I'm about to get my next color this weekend :)

  15. I have to tell you I saw someone copy your pleated flower and no worries. There version is not even HALF as cute as yours. I kinda chuckled at how bad a version it actually was. You are the master at the pleated flower!!! ~Traci

  16. i haven't bought new shoes is way too long but have always wanted a pair of Toms! their whole mission is grand, hope one day soon i'll be sporting a pair of their comfy kicks.

    adore the wedding shoot you did and the couples feet attire - just splendid! ♥

  17. I love how far this company has gone and IS going, a pair off their off white shoes is on my summer wish list :)

  18. Oh TOMS! I keep hearing about this company and I think it's totally cool. I definitely need to buy some of these shoes. :)

  19. I really like the idea of having a TOMS
    wedding. I'm the maid of honor at a friends wedding and i'm trying to convince her to go for it. It makes sense as they go to a good cause and the entire bridal party will be able to dance all night without countless blisters! Perfect in my eyes.