it began with the bee...

I first came across Savannah Bee Company this last Christmas
when I picked up an issue of Home and Garden Magazine while waiting in line at the grocery store.
They had a cute little bottle of honey that caught my attention, so when I got home
 I went to their website where I was completely consumed with how amazing
and yummy this company is!

I ordered just one product because I couldn't make up my mind..
Since I'm a huge lip balm junkie, I just had to try it..
umm can we say Heaven??

I was totally attracted to the fact that the products are Certified Organic,
and the creator of this company started and is still very much involved in the business.

Just to give you a little background on Savannah Bee Company..
Ted Dennard (founder) learned bee-keeping at the young age of 12
and its something that stuck with him throughout his life..
Around 1998 Ted started bottling the honey that he had from hives
up on his roof, into fancy bottles in his own kitchen!
People fell in love, and love turned into a bigger business!
Now operating out of a 40,000 sq ft warehouse just outside of Savannah,
his passion remains the same.. and that shows in his business.

I wrote the company singing my praises
and a super awesome chic named Mercedes
wrote me back so quickly and offered to send me a few items to share with you!

When the box arrived I squealed and with my mom as my witness
she can vouch for how excited I was to receive a little bit of swag!

The packaging was so simple, but the wrap they used to keep all the goodies
safe totally reminded me of honey combs which got me super excited to unwrap everything!

They sent me two different types of Honey to try

Can I just drink these?? (is that wrong?)
Orange Blossom Honey and Tupelo Honey (with the comb inside!)

They are seriously that good!  I have made some amazing dishes already!
 orange blossom honey chicken
tupelo honey jerk porkchops
sun tea with orange blossom honey
sweet corn with tupelo honey butter..
they have tons of recipes you can try yourself

They also included this great hand cream.. which I want one of you to try!
(ummm i didnt touch it but I will warn you I opened it to smell it, I couldnt help myself!)

I'm giving you just one entry each...
its pretty simple just head over to their facebook page become a fan
 and come back here to let me know that you did it! (& dont lie haha)

I almost forgot... a discount!
A 10% off code for all {just.lovely.things} readers!
-just enter 'JLTReader' at checkout-

This giveaway is open to U.S, Canada and Japan
until 6pm Friday April 29th and the winner will be announced shortly after!


  1. I liked them on facebook!

  2. I liked them! They seem like an awesome company and I will probably have to take advantage of that discount :)

  3. I liked them on FB...for reals :)

  4. I became a fan of them on I just need to head to my chapstick anonymous meeting, lol!

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  7. I liked them on Facebook, and their recipes look amazing!

  8. I like Savannah Bee Company on Facebook! ;)

  9. i liked them on facebook :) i've actually had their honey before...A-mazing!!!

  10. I liked them on FB! Their honey is delicious and lip balm is awesome!

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  13. I liked them on facebook :)

    Lacey @ Love Point Creations

  14. I liked them on facebook ( Jayna Rae Lascaibar), and I will go back this evening and like them via my fan page because they look so divine.

  15. Amanda Dauve26 April, 2011

    I liked them on Facebook.

    Blissfully Elle

  16. I liked them on facebook. i am a honey junkie!

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  22. I'm a facebook fan. I've used the honey liquid hand soap before and it is crazy wonderful. I would love to win some more goodies from them!

    nagpony68 {at} yahoo {dot} com

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  24. Liked them and posted to let them know you sent me.