easy photo collage

I'm going to show you a super quick tutorial on how to make a photo collage..
now most of you advanced Picnik users can just pass up on this post,
but a few of you who don't even know what picnik is.. well you should pay attention!

First head over to Picnik

I have a paid version (totally worth it)
 but when using the free version you are still able to use this super easy feature!
First find the "collage" button, its a little bit under the Library tab.

Once you are here, you can see to the left that you have many layout options
you can also choose proportion size, back ground color, spacing etc..
I just chose a simple double collage and changed the background to white.
I uploaded two photos (that option is on the bottom left)
 and moved them (drag & drop) around to the desired location within the frame

I also changed the proportions to something a little larger,
 so it really showed off the full size of each photo that I wanted to use.
I then hit done (on the right side of the screen) which takes you to the editing/create menu

From the menu you can make so many changes
and add things like text & borders (fun rounded corners are in border menu)
you can also tweak the entire photo itself with editing tools..
When ready select the Save & Share tab to finish it off..

Seriously super easy stuff, hope you learned something
that helps in creating great photos for online!
(p.s i wouldn't print these photos, you may have adjusted the proportions
but they really aren't print quality!)


  1. i use picnik for almost everything!! making collages is so easy!

  2. FABULOUS tutorial :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. i.love.this. THANK YOU! I didn't know you could do that in picnik!

  4. Wow, I recently descovered Picnik, but I just did some buttons for my blog and shop. I will try the collage soon! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I wondered how to move from the collage to the other menu. I just didn't see the DONE button. Thanks!!!

  6. I love picnik! But I haven't made a collage in it yet. I will try it out!

  7. I've been using {the paid version} Picnik over a year now and I love it!

  8. awesome tut! so glad i found you!


  9. I'm just trying to get my head around all these kinds of sites at the moment, and picnik has been the most easy to play around with. Thank you for the little tip though =) x

  10. i use picnik all the time! seriously, i have no idea how i ever lived without it!

  11. Love this post and this tutorial. I like the collage idea of changing up some pictures even the pictures you took are great!

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