mini-studio tour..

I don't know what the weather is like where you are,
 but here I like to call it confusing.
I woke up it was gray.
I went to the salon it was sunny.
While at the salon doing my Nana's hair it was monsoon-ing..
then it was sunny.
Went to breakfast with the hubs, and it was hailing.
Then it was sunny..
Now its gray and windy

Its safe to say, I do not trust Oregon weather.
and to be honest I'm kinda feeling blah today.. so why not just stay in?

Well its been a good excuse to put on comfy clothes, drink some chai and listen to some rap..
yep, you heard me right!
I put on pandora and decided to call out my 1996 self, when I got my drivers license.
I had a cute little maroon colored honda prelude (so bad ass!!)
I remember I went through musical phases (i still listen to so many different genres)
when it was hiphop time, a few I remember constantly playing on my cd player
Lil' Kim, BIG, Mase, Joe, R.Kelly, Diddy (he was Puff Daddy back then)
Missy Elliot, Foxy Brown, Eve, Black Eye Peas (before Fergie joined!), Nas
ahh I was so silly
thats just to name a few.. so today in honor of 16yr old me..
Its hip hop day in the studio!

I wish someone could see how hilarious this situation is..
Me, fabric, sewing, buttons, glue guns, blogging and tupac..
its a good gray day.
(p.s its all about the bengamins baby! least that's what puff daddy said)

Here is a little preview of what I'm doing today..just working on organizing the studio,
got my new shipping area done (its so cute & efficient!)

These bad boys, cute through 18 layers of denim.. its their claim to fame and I believe em!

Tackling this basket of elastic- is on my To-Do list, wish me luck!

That fabric scrap banner??
Easiest thing to do ever, but I will post a tutorial this week if you wanna see how I did it! =)

There is an order to that shelf up there..
Top shelf, is all vintage fabrics
Bottom shelf - Left is all cottons &
Right is all Rayon, Silk, & Chiffon (ok polyesters, but chiffon sounds better!)

I picked up this thread spool holder last month
 and have been collecting vintage thread whenever I can find them!

My 1936 Gone with the Wind book, that I name all the flowers after..
I just open the book, flip through the pages and find the names that fit!
{so far it seems to work}

My new shipping area
We have built in shelves in this room and what I think is a bay window area,
so this spot worked perfect!
I found this little shelf unit at Target, I will go over my shipping process with you later this week.

Items ready to ship =)

Thanks for going on a mini-tour with me..
hope your day isn't as gray as mine, but if it is turn on some hip hop and thug it up!


  1. your day, weatherwise, sounds like mine. totally confusing which in turn made me extremely fatigued. mo'well, what can you do. your work space looks faaab!!!!

    Stacey @ Maple Bacon & Beavertails

  2. You've got some awesome organization going on in your craft room! I will be redoing mine this summer and will probably be copying some of your genius ideas. haha thanks so much for the beautiful inspiration, too!

  3. Wow, it looks wonderful! I think you could fill your orders by taking a closeup of your fabric shelf and letting customers chose from what you have.

  4. I think I see the box with the ruffle I bought to day! My box looks kinda full!! Maybe I need my own box! lol

  5. stacy- gray days are good for crafting!
    moriah- i only organize certain parts of my life.. this is one of them haha
    deborah- if i did that i would be in trouble!
    kyndale- its stuffed hahah everything where that flower is, in there is yours! ;p

  6. you have such a cute & inspirational space! I love how organized you are!!! :)

  7. hii I would LOVE to buy that ruffle headband that is blue with polka dots...please email me if it is still available and let me know the details, I only got a little glimpse of it in your pictures :) Thank you!! Love the space by the way it is so cute and creative!


  8. ogh my gosh im totally in love! im obsessed with you, your studio, your blog, your shop!!!! i literally cannot wait to get my headband!!! eeeeeeek! you are a talented lady friend!!!!! ps couldnt agree more with the prior post, you are gonna be big time chica!!!!!! xoixoxoxoxoxo

  9. LOVE your area! SO fun to go on a behind the scenes tour :)

  10. lovely space, so fun for us to see where your little work space is!

  11. i love rainy days.
    the best days to blast music and chill out in the studio.

  12. You have such a fun job and a cute, organized work space! I'm totally jealous :)

  13. Hi! I'm here from LMM. I am SO jealous of your crafing spot! Wow.. one day I won't have to share the kids' playroom anymore. Love your idea too of the cubby holes for 'ready to ship' items!

  14. It was gray where I live today, too...and trust me, I definitely wanted to be crafting. But, other things had my attention today. I love your work space!

  15. ahhhh, some of my favorite artisits from back in the day as well! love your studio, super cute!!

  16. Love,love, loooove the studio tour!
    What a doll :)

  17. I'm in love with your studio!

  18. Oooh -this just makes me wish I could come and play :-)
    it's much easier to be creative when it's so neat and organized... :-)

    Come visit: Vanilla Blonde

  19. you are the bomb! i got my license in 96' too! i loved master p, "make em uhhh na,na,na,na"

  20. loved the tour!
    just found your blog via take heart :)
    you're a cutie.

  21. Love your blog.. can't wait to hear more about that garland and more of your studio reorg.. love it.. u hv a most beautiful space! hugs xo

  22. i love glimpsing fabric studios. there are always beautiful colors wherever you look! what an inspiring place to be.

  23. your materials are making me drool!! Super cute lady!

  24. You have a very BEAUTIFUL craft room! I Love all the fabrics so nicely organized. Beautiful!


  25. You are such an inspiration my friend. I love your craft room.

  26. strange bi-polar weather system lades! monsoon-ing sounds harsh - yikes. good you kept inside for the most part, that'd be where i'd seek refuge too!

    hip hop is my no.1 go to and fave music style, the boyf kinda gets tired of how much it gets blasted around these parts. haha

    pretty studio shots, i loved seeing inside your haven. everything is so well organized and colorful! ♥

  27. OMG ur studio is amazing..i love how organized it is! And i am just like you..haha i had a day like that a couple of days ago! I am 30 and i def remember the puff daddy I was 15 in 1996 (eeep!) Typing that just now made it feel like it was ages ago!!! I can't beleive its been 15 years!!! LOL


  28. i lovee your stuff! but what about headbands that are plastic? Do you ship those in a envelope or a box?

  29. you should DEFINITELY share with us how you made that cute scrap fabric banner! just sayin' :)