Do good. Feel good.

I know I am right in the middle of a HUGE giveaway week,
but I also know how awesome my readers are and how you will all understand
why I need to take part in this..

If you have a blog, I hope you do this as well.
Just be silent, give what you can.. and count your blessings
some people lost everything (and everyone)

I'm not naive, I realize us bloggers not blogging for one day
isn't going to change what happened.
But for me I just want to take a day off and realize how important
and special my life is to me aside from blogs, facebook, twitter etc.
So I'm doing it in support of the cause and
to get more people to the donation site,
but also to take a break.
I wont lie, I need one.. and you should take one too!

For more information visit
and even more details are provided here.

Your regularly scheduled programming
will resume on Saturday Morning.

Thanks for understanding
xoxo Heather

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