coupon junkie

I love saving money, it feels like I won something..
or I was smarter then the checkout person somehow
(you know the feeling!)

One thing I do before I ever checkout of any online purchase is to open a new tab to
oh em gee i love thee!

They also have lots of deals for printable coupons..

A couple other favorites are

Most places now will accept an online coupon
so if you have it on your phone they can just scan it or enter in the code,
so don't be afraid to ask!

Usually some of my craft trips aren't planned.
Most of the materials I use I either buy online (elastic, clips, etc)
or are re-purposed from second hand or antique shops
I also try to support our small towns' local fabric shop when in need..
but every so often I will hit up the Craft Super Chains and if so.. I wanna do it cheap!
(if you have to support these places you might as well do it in a small way haha)

So just because I freaking love coupons, and I freaking love you..
I will share these as often as possible,
but just so you know I still wanna push the idea to you that if you have a local place
where you can find the things you need, please try to support them!!
Happy Shopping!

(you should be able to right click save and print)

Both Joann and Michaels except eachothers coupons
and since we dont have a Hobby Lobby here you will have to find those yourself, sorry!


  1. I know the feeling!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Love blogs like this! Have you also checked out Frugal Life Project?

  3. ohhh jess thanks, adding it to my list =)

  4. I really hate when a store won't accept my coupon via iphone!! (Hello, Michaels...)

  5. thanks for sharing!! Love coupons too! who doesnt?!?

  6. Thanks for sharing the coupons!! I actually just went there Saturday! Really like your site, its cute and very creative!! i'm going to follow you, would love if you'd follow me back :) Have a great day!

  7. im not a huge coupon woman - except for when it comes to these babies!! love my joanne and michael's coupons. its to the point that my future MIL collects them for me whenever i go out to visit my fiance's family in GA!

  8. THanks for sharing!!! I need to make a trip! :D

  9. SWEET coupons!!! Thanks so much!! I will be printing them for sure!

  10. I LOVE retailmenot! I just had to do my domain renewal through godaddy and i got 50% off :) I never buy a thing without checking there first :)

  11. thanks for sharing! especially the micheals coupons! we just moved and dont get our normal mailers anymore so i've really really missed their coupons! Also thanks for the one! im for sure going to be on there all the time now!

  12. Oh thank you so much!!
    I was actually on my way to Michaels!!
    Your a doll!!


  13. Thanks for sharing RetailMeNot. I was able to get free shipping!! :]

  14. Man...I wish I would have seen this earlier...just got back from JoAnn! haha. Thank you for sharing:)