smile its saturday!

I took these photos last year and decided to re-vamp them with 
some inspirational words of wisdom..

You are free to use these for personal use (a gift from me to you!)
I took the photos and either found the quotes or made them up..

You can right click and save to use as a computer background
 or even print just to keep with you for some good ju-ju =)


  1. These are lovely! I have become who you are as my desktop!

  2. so fun!

    hey, i meant to email you (and i may have and forgotten ;)).. i am having a giveaway day on my blog on tuesday for all my sponsors! it's optional, of course. but, if you would like to participate just email me and send me the link of the item(s) you would like to use for the giveaway! xox

  3. love these! thanks girl!