my mail man hates me

I'm pretty sure my Mail Man isn't my biggest fan lately.
Every time he comes to my house he says "I couldn't just walk here, I had to drive today"
mainly because he walks our neighborhood to deliver the mail to our doors,
 but lately he has to park in front of my house and unload all the goods..
and by goods I mean presents, products, etc.. in case you were confused.

Today I think I scared him as I ran to my door and screeched "OMG I'm so excited for this!"
He just looked up and smiled in relief that I didn't knock him down with my screen door slamming open to rip the package out of his hand.
 And in his usual uncheerful voice said "probably see you tomorrow."
(I hope so Mr. Mailman, I hope so!)

Well.. it was worth it.

Got the new cards to include in my packaging, they are so cute!
Cant wait to do some shipments today and toss these bad boys in there. =)


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!! As always, keep being awesome!

  2. I love this post! So funny. It is similar here...He always goes "More for you...again."

    Feels like we are being punished for buying off the internet!


  3. girl you know i love a good laugh and the beginning of this post had me rollin' in them. i can just picture you running out and him flinching, trying to get outa da way of the oncoming excitement train!!!

    truly spectacular cards , isn't it the best when something like that arrives. like a long lost part of you has come back home. feels so good. congrats, so much success wishes lovely. ♥

  4. how exciting!!!!! "Congrats"!

  5. Oh my gosh, those are adorable! What cute little surprises to put in each package! At least you and your mail man can be best friends! : )

  6. I feel your pain! The Fedex/UPS/USPS men all do not like me very much either, we live in the middle of nowhere technically on a dirt road so I am constantly ordering and they normally have to make a special trip out to our area! And most of the time they are like "ok, what did you order now?". Love the post...too funny! And love the new cards!

  7. Love these!

    Obviously I need to step it up a notch. I need more stuff in the mail! ;]

  8. If it makes you feel better my mail man totally hates me & all my roommates. Half the time he doesn't deliver our package until a few have stacked up. It's maddening because he fails to realize I track so many of my packages and I know when they go out for delivery. But I guess I sort of feel his pain.

  9. Those are absolutely adorable! I just kinda came across your blog & am now totally in blog-heaven! Love, love, LOVE it.

    - Jessica

  10. How exciting and I love how your call him Mr. cute! Loving your new cards for packaging and lovely blog!

    Liesl :)