if only they picked a better name..

This next post is about something really cute & genius, but with the silliest name on earth.
Ok let me start off by saying that I understand the concept of condoms (insert lol here) but in this situation it just sounds so tacky and it sorta sucks (no pun intended) because this item is adorable and something I would buy.  But when I run a scenario through my head about wearing one of these it goes like this..

Walking down the street in my adorable heels when stopped by a fashionable girl that squeals "omg your shoes are amazing, where did you get them from" I say oh the shoes themselves are "(insert your brand here)" and the cute thing attached is called a "Heel Condom" yeah.....

See what I mean? Funny, yet completely ridiculous!
Anyways they are adorable there is no doubt about that and here for your viewing pleasure is a little bit of Heel Condom Porn if you will..

{view collection here}

*EDIT UPDATE* this post is not to be mean, I support all artists and their visions. I also would never intentionally hurt anyways feelings, but since its my blog and my opionions I state them.  I love the product I just wish it had a different name, that is all. 
And now back to your regularly scheduled program.. 

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  1. I LOVE these but you're completely right. Stupid name. Imagine telling your Dad what they're called? AAHHH