*heel condom update*

So you may remember THIS post from a few days ago...
After thinking about it a bit more, I decided although negative about the name I still loved the product! So I wanted to email the designer just to let her know how I felt, and if somehow she found herself to my blog I wanted her to know that I wasn't some meany blogger.  I try to support people who can follow their dreams and passions and who am I to say her name is silly, its her company!

I got her contact info and wrote her an email, and not even 24hrs later I got this response:

I was so happy with quite a few things:

-she responded!
-she called my email kind (because, well it wasn't meant to be mean)
-she is excited about her product and her success
-she gave me an awesome honest response
and she was happy that I posted about it..

Networking with individuals that have unique ideas and even more creative names, can benefit you by allowing yourself to think outside of the box.  Sure some people may not purchase her product just because of the name, but can you tell if she cares or not? No, because she is simply proud of what she is doing.. to me, that's more successful then anything else you can do.

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