The 14th is just around the corner, if you love things like I do, then you probably Love dessert.

I'm not ashamed, I will lick a bowl of ice cream clean or take seconds of someones birthday cake.
I think it stems from when I was a little kid, my sister is a diabetic and I was raised on the fake stuff, so every chance I got to have "real sugar" I did.  The phrase sweet tooth does me no justice.

In search of cute yet sweet things and knowing that Valentines can be a day where many people receive heart shaped boxes filled with mystery chocolates, I went on the hunt for something easier better. I googled for heart shaped desserts and found the photo below on the left then remembered Bakerella always has yummy goodies going on over at her side of blog town, and that I had seen something similiar before.  So I headed over to see if I could find the old post on how to make (I'm throwing that word around loosely) and share with you!

The photo on the left is from a Williams Sonoma shoot and don't get me wrong they look divine..
 but the ones on the right are more my style, only because you don't have to bake them!

Yep you heard me right, this is officially a recipe where you do not have to bake anything!!!

You are probably asking "Heather, how can you make without baking?"
 well first let me say "You're Welcome!!" because you will be thanking me and the heavens for sharing this little secret. 

Now this isn't as "easy" as you may think, you will need to go to the store.  So for some of you this means you will need to get out from behind the computer get a little jazzed up and go out in public, if you have a bunch of babies to toss in the backseat then I'm sorry it might take you longer to do this then me!  But seriously head to a store, like now. and find these....

Next up figure out if you have a tiny heart cookie cutter
(unless you wanna do it by hand which if you are a professional heart cake cutter-er then fine, if not go get one too!)

Next up get back to the house because you are about to have a cookie cake heart make party!
-or something along those lines-

Now I really hope I don't need to explain the rest and you can just look at the photos below and get the idea.   But I will leave you with one bit of info.  You should do this when your sweetie isn't home, that way when said sweetie does get home they think you slaved over this little project and you can maybe reap a few extra rewards! 

p.s if you don't get rid of the Oreo Cakester box evidence they will catch you,
 so I suggest finding a great hiding spot for that other then just the top of the recycling!

enjoy ♥


  1. Sweet! You are such a Creative Smarty Pants. Love!

  2. Jenelle Hoskins08 February, 2011

    Oh my gosh, what a great idea Heather! Thanks for posting this :)