*business 101

Having organization in a business is essential to having a successful business.

 I recently moved my work area from home to my studio and its driving me nuts that its not finished, but I have managed to label everything and keep it in a manner that I don't get lost while working.

When I get in the zone, I will make a bunch of overstock to assemble later. One of the easiest things I have done for myself is: when I get ready to make a piece, I actually bag it up so I don't lose track of things. I had a million of these little baggies from when a business sadly went out of business and they work perfect (of course i reuse them too!)

So each design gets "created" then bagged up, from there it goes to assembly, then to be photographed and finally listed in the shop..
 it keeps me organized even in the midst of chaos!

These lovelies have been created and are ready to be assembled!

I also have little containers, baskets and boxes that contribute to a good work flow.  I will do a studio tour soon so you can have a peek!  I would love to see how you organize your work flow.

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