Valentines DIY

With Valentines fast approaching why not try some cutesy crafts!?
Some people hate the "dreaded Feb 14th" but why? Sure I have a husband and I'm madly in love, but really valentines doesn't have to be about having a sweety or getting the flowers/chocolate usual.. instead it can be about love all together!  Wake up on the 14th and send the people you love a little hello, maybe call someone instead of text or a few days before send an old fashioned valentine in the mail instead of through the computer.. also take advantage of cute projects like this one!  I saw it last year a little to late and it has been patiently waiting in a valentine diy favorites folder for almost a year!  So scrounge up some old diy projects you might have forgotten about and take advantage of love month (p.s i will post more valentines diy for the next few weeks, so get those little crafty hands ready!)

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